A dream to break surgery free from the shackles of the establishment; to boldly snatch it from the grip of the bourgeoisie and put it in the hands of the hoi polloi. Four long-time friends decided it was time to teach surgery to the world and make surgeons of the masses!

And so, our co-founders set about creating a medical facility in which they could make manifest their grand designs. But as the saying goes, ask a Bardnardite for bread and they’ll build you a bakery.

In other words, they got carried away.

What could have really just been four walls, a bed and a set of scalpels became BOSSA Labs. A cutting edge institution spearheaded by co-founder and architectural engineer, Doctor Pamela Preston. Labs is truly a place of wonder. It allows the friends to build literally anything they could dream of, and perhaps a few things they ought not to have dreamt.

With Labs running more or less smoothly, the founders turn their attention to putting the final touches on the Surgeon Simulator Training Programme. An improbably brilliant new system for teaching surgery to anyone and everyone. Once it’s finally ready, the doors to Labs will fling open to the public and the medical revolution will truly begin.

But even the best of friendships can be testing, and before long, tensions rise amongst our co-founders. You see, certain co-founders have ‘interesting’ interpretations of the ethics of medicine. Some would argue that there is, in fact, no place for rebels, renegades or rabble-rousers in the world of surgical science. Whereas, others would argue that you can’t make a long egg without breaking a few regular eggs which, in fairness, is true.

BOSSA Labs receives an unexpected surprise one day when four excited, if slightly bewildered, trainees turn up well ahead of schedule. The facility isn’t exactly ready, they’re still putting the finishing touches on and they’ve not even had a chance to tidy up.

Fortunately, Pam Preston is nothing if not enterprising, and shepherds the new arrivals through the fledgeling Programme. Pam hopes that the trainees will work out the kinks ahead of the big opening. Everyone loves beta testing unfinished programmes, right?

  • Penny

    Penny absolutely loves people and is a cheery ball of energy and spontaneity, who is prone to getting a bit carried away sometimes. She enjoys pineapple-based mocktails, hot buttered toast and collecting antique clocks. With a background in mechanics, Penny is not worried about getting her hands either dirty or bloody. There’s very little that she can’t make machines do, and she’s hoping to apply these same techniques in her future surgical career. She believes that the body is the most intricate and sophisticated machine of all.

    Although Penny can set her mind to anything, she can get easily distracted and will often want to strike up a casual conversation whilst being flung through the air, or up to her elbows in fresh body parts. In order to elevate such distractions, Penny has developed a tendency to run everywhere, which not only cuts down on how much she gets distracted by other people (and how much they get distracted by her) but also doubles as great cardio.

    Penny has been drawn to Labs because she’s fascinated by machinery that underpins the Surgeon Simulator Training Program. Secretly she’s of the opinion that if she has mastery over both machines and the human body, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. Penny is destined to either save the world, or accidentally blow it up.

  • Milo

    Milo is a young and affable fellow, but he’s a bit of a drifter and a prolific daydreamer. He still feels like he’s trying to get a handle on the way life works and his place in it. As a result, he tries to embrace each day as a learning experience, no matter what life throws at him - even if that’s severed body parts. Milo is a big fan of spam sandwiches with the crusts cut off, Grandmaster Gareth and breeding angelfish.

    But the biggest love of Milo’s life is undoubtedly motorbikes. This is particularly unusual, since he’s never actually ridden one. Instead his love for these machines stems from his parents running a biker café. As a result, young Milo developed a huge obsession with the clientele and their bikes. However, his parents have refused to buy him one believing them to be far too dangerous for their darling son.

    And so, Milo decided to leave home to seek his fortune and buy a bike for himself. Somewhere along the way he has ended up in Bossa Labs. Although he has embraced the program wholeheartedly, no one ever really talks about the fact that Milo was never actually officially invited onto the Surgeon Simulator Training Program. Instead he merely saw an open door and wandered through ready to embrace what was on the other side. Everyone liked him so much that they decided to let him stay.

  • Heather

    Heather is an all-round good egg - friendly, smart, kind and ambitious. She likes fluffy dogs, good quality chocolate and the odd game of chess. She always has lots of research projects and experiments on the go yet can always find time to ask how you are and be on-hand with a fresh brew and a supportive word. Heather doesn’t mind getting stuck into a task, and isn’t at all squeamish, no matter how much blood and guts comes her way. She is no fan of surprises, especially when elbow-deep in someone’s chest cavity, and so likes adequate time to prepare and think through all possible outcomes of an upcoming task.

    Although she might seem a little quiet in a social setting and appear to be taking a backseat to bigger personalities, Heather is usually carefully analysing those around her with pinpoint precision. You can guarantee that she will have the true measure of you - including shoe-size, pet peeves and favourite biscuit - before you’ve had time to take off your coat. It’s a gift.

    Heather was drawn to Labs because she feels that their ambitions match her own and she wants to be a part of the medical revolution. She’s hoping that she’ll be able to pursue her own projects once graduating from Labs. Heather idly daydreams of running her own laboratory one day, where she can change the world and still have time for chocolate therapy and fluffy-dog petting sessions.

  • Kamal

    Kamal is stylish and reserved, with a sponge-like brain for knowledge of all kinds. Although he’ll muck in with everyone else, he’s much more interested in the intricate workings of Labs than he is in getting his hands bloody. He likes tea with lots of milk, baked vada and talking to plants. Bossa Labs has increased its greenery collection specifically to help Kamal feel more at home.

    Still waters run deep, and Kamal has a multitude of talents - he’s a voracious reader with an extensive library and is also an excellent tailor, who makes many of his own clothes. In fact, Kamal would much rather express himself through his spiffy dress sense and on-point moustache sculpting than wade through constant conversation. At least the plants and clothes don’t talk back. Usually.

    He lives in hope of one day encouraging Milo to ditch the leather-clad biker look and get into a nice three-piece suit and spats. Kamal has come to Labs because he heard they’re working on something he has no knowledge about, which he always finds terribly vexing. He hopes to absorb the latest cutting-edge medical knowledge and perhaps spruce up a few surgical scrubs and patient gowns in the process. Since joining Labs, he’s discovered that the inside of the human body is surprisingly colourful and has been secretly working on a new line of scrubs which match the colour of internal organs.

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