Terms & Conditions of the “Surgeon Simulator 2 Community Spotlight” Promotion

Bossa Studios Limited, registered with company number 07375707 at Zetland House, Unit E 2nd Floor, 5-25, Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4HJ (“Bossa”, “we”, “us”) coordinates the “Surgeon Simulator 2 Community Spotlight” Promotion (the “Promotion”) as featured on https://www.surgeonsim.com/spotlight.

The Promotion will be operated from time to time as notified by us on a recurring basis in accordance with these terms and conditions and the end user licence terms and conditions (“EULA”) for Surgeon Simulator 2 (the “Game”), which can be found here. Each Promotion will be treated as an individual Promotion run for the period specified and each Promotion will be covered by these terms.

  1. Acceptance

    By participating in the Promotion, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms and conditions and the EULA. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions and the EULA, you should not apply to enter the Promotion.

  2. Eligibility

    1. You may only enter the Promotion:
      1. if you are aged 13 years or older. If you are under the age of 18, you must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before entering; and
      2. have a valid email address;
      3. have a valid account with Surgeon Simulator 2 Community Hub https://labs.bossastudios.com/ ;
      4. have a valid PayPal account to receive the Prize (if you are successful); and
      5. have a valid user account for the Game in accordance with the EULA.
    2. You cannot enter the promotion if you or any person related to you is an employee, consultant or agent of Bossa or any of its affiliates.
  3. Promotion entry

    1. By creating and uploading a new and original level for the Game (“Levels”) in accordance with the terms of the EULA, you will be automatically entered into the Promotion.
    2. You can enter the Promotion by creating and uploading Levels individually or as a group of up to four users (a “Group”).
    3. There is no charge for entering the Promotion. You can upload as many Levels as you wish, but only one submission will be eligible for the Prize specified below.
    4. Entries to the Promotion must be uploaded before the date and time specified in the post that we use to describe the Promotion (the “Post”).
    5. We can refuse entry for any reason, without notice to you. We will not accept any entries which we consider to be incomplete, misleading, late or inappropriate. Levels which could be considered to be racist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory in any way will be disqualified and shall not be deemed to comply with these terms and conditions.
  4. Prize

    The winning Levels may be showcased on the in-game terminal for the Game and feature across Bossa’s and/or the Game’s social media channels and websites. The Prize will be a cash sum or a number of cash sums and will be of the amount as set out in the Post. In the event that a winning Level has been created by a Group, the Prize will be divided equally among the members of the Group. The Prize cannot be transferred, or exchanged for anything else and Bossa may substitute the Prize at its own discretion, without prior notification to entrants.

  5. determination of winner, notification and prize collection

    1. The Promotion will have the number of winners as set out in the Post.
    2. The winners of the Promotion will be chosen by the Level Design team at Bossa or by judges appointed by Bossa. Bossa reserves the right to hold a public vote to elect the winners.
    3. Winners will be chosen on or around the date set out in the Post and will be notified by email by no later than one month after the end of the Promotion. The notification to the winners may be made public and the selection of the winners by Bossa is final.
    4. The winners must accept the Prize by responding to the email notification within one month of it having been sent (“Response Date”). In the response, the winners must confirm his or her full name, and PayPal account details for the Prize to be sent to.
    5. If a winner cannot be contacted or does not respond by midday on the Response Date, the prize may be awarded to a substitute winner instead.
    6. The Prize will be sent to the winners using Paypal.
    7. The winners may be requested to participate in promotional activity. By entering the Promotion, winners consent to the use of their name and/or Level in any publicity carried out by Bossa.
    8. Bossa is not obliged to publish or use any winning Levels. Entrants and winners retain the right to use and publish their own Levels in accordance with the terms of the EULA.
    9. Any queries about entry, eligibility, or the Promotion should be directed to [email protected].
  6. Reservartions and limitations

    1. We can exclude any entries if we have a reasonable belief the entrant has breached these terms and conditions or the EULA, or the spirit of these terms and conditions or the EULA.
    2. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or delay caused:
      1. by your participation in the Promotion.
      2. by third parties, including losses, damages or delays caused by fraud or any communication network.
      3. as a result of any incorrect or incomplete information provided by any entrant.
    3. We do not limit our own liability for death or personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misstatement.
    4. Bossa reserves the right to cancel the Promotion at any time, for any reason.
  7. Data protection and direct marketing

    1. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are giving your consent to us to:
      1. process your personal data;
      2. disclose your personal data to our affiliates;
      3. disclose your personal data to third parties, but only to the extent necessary for that third party to deliver the Prize;
      4. use your name in promotional materials or marketing activity;
      5. transfer your data outside of the European Economic Area; and
      6. send you emails about related products or services.
    2. You must let us know if any of your personal data is incorrect or becomes out of date.
    3. If you want to withdraw your consent, you can do so at any time by writing to: [email protected]. If you withdraw your consent, you will not be eligible to participate in the Promotion or win the Prize. If you want to stop receiving emails about related products or services, you should click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link appearing at the bottom of the email.
  8. Application of these terms & conditions and applicable law.

    1. We can change these terms and conditions at any time and those changes may take retrospective effect.
    2. If there is any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the EULA from time to time, these terms and conditions will take precedence.
    3. These terms and conditions will be governed and interpreted according to English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant English courts.
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